Tim Gordanier accepted a challenge from Emily Daigle, a Ward 13 constituent and advocate for persons with disabilities and accessibility.  The challenge?  To ride through the entire Toronto Centre ward, in a wheelchair with Emily, and to see the accessibility issues facing people daily.  Thank you for sharing this day with us, Emily!    CBC News followed us along the route and the above segment aired September 28th on the 6pm and 11pm news.


I am honoured and excited to bring forth a fresh, positive energy with creative, outside-the-box solutions with my candidacy.  I am a firm believer that city council should have 2-term limits as most will naturally lose that energy, creativity and passion after 8 years.  Let this serve as notice that I will only run for a total of 2 terms, if elected by you, in keeping with that belief.

This is your home; This is my home.  Toronto Centre is truly and arguably one of the best places to live in Toronto.  The future is bright as tech companies and people looking for their next home, eye our amazing districts within Ward 13.

With over 13 years of being a small business champion, I believe in supporting local business while carefully, and thoughtfully, attracting more business to our area.  This brings jobs and an enhancement of everyday life, and all that is within our districts, in Ward 13.   I also believe in ensuring we stay human and improve life for all walks.  This includes focus on careful planning for green spaces, and ensuring access to affordable housing, for those who give everything of themselves and sometimes it just isn’t enough at the end of the month.  It’s about coming together as one, together, while celebrating the unique diversity and awesomeness of each district within Toronto Centre.

I am a doer.  I have a passion for creating new ideas and fostering others’ ideas with one common goal; The betterment of our city, our home.

Reach out and let me know what you would like to see as part of my focus for Ward 13 Toronto Centre.   You can reach me at anytime on my cell at 416.434.4TIM (4346).  It is best by text and I will call you back as soon as possible.  We are stronger together and I look forward to serving as your voice at City Hall.



It was great fun organizing this Flash Mob to announce my candidacy at City Hall back at the end of July when I was running for Ward 21.  That ward has now been re-labeled Ward 13 Toronto Centre – for which I am running for election.   Thanks to the 25 supporters that turned out to be part of this exciting dance kick-off for my campaign!


I am a doer and I bring passion and new energy and creative ideas that is much-needed on Council.   These are just some of the issues and where I stand on each of them:


After riding in a wheelchair for a day around our entire Ward 13 on a challenge from disabled persons advocate, Emily Daigle, my eyes were opened.  With our aging population, parents with strollers and lack of accessibility, it became apparent one of our biggest issues is ACCESSIBILITY FOR ALL. 

Our city is growing and we are still behind other great cities when it comes to public transit.  Our TTC is miles ahead of where it was and you can see alot of upgrades and improvements already made.  But we can do more.  I am a big supporter of the relief line and Waterfront LRT.   The relief line is being supported by multiple levels of government so recent higher cost estimates should not be overstated or used as a reason to not proceed.  We need to make this city more accessible to everyone!

As your next Councillor for Toronto Centre, Tim Gordanier, I will further push for continued innovation and improvements with our public transit while ensuring better accessibility and responsible planning is followed.


There is no question that our ward of communities and Toronto need safer streets for pedestrians, cyclists, drivers and persons with disabilities.  A lot of blame gets thrown at all sides, but the truth is, we need to do better with solutions at the street design and law level to ensure the heartbreaking incidents we have seen don’t happen again.

As your next Councillor – Tim Gordanier, I will push for lower speed limits, better defined and safe bike lanes and other innovative solutions.  Both sides, including cyclists, need to adapt the way they ride/drive in order for this to work.


The studies, for both sides, are inconclusive on this very hot subject.  I am compassionate to help those in need, and I do understand the logic, but I personally feel that this is a band-aid solution that doesn’t help the root problem totally.  We should also be investing in programs to help get addicts off the streets and work on other alternative methods.

As your next Councillor – Tim Gordanier, I will push to not remove the existing sites but to halt expanding to more sites until more studies have proven this is the right solution.  I will also re-visit existing sites and consult with constituents on which locations should be moved or improved.


Having run my own successful small business for over 13 years, and getting help from mentors as I went, I have this passionate need to give back to other young entrepreneurs and small business owners.  They really need to be fostered, supported and encouraged as they are the backbone of our society with creating jobs, innovation and bettering our city.

As your next Councillor – Tim Gordanier,  I will push for helping small business in our community and also get involved with The City of Toronto’s Entrepreneur Mentoring Program, the new Indigenous Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (ICIE) to support Indigenous start-ups, and more.


As a dog owner, my black lab Hurley is my constant companion.  I get to walk around our ward and see the great places and spaces that welcome dogs, in a responsible and sometimes creative way.

As your next Councillor – Tim Gordanier, Iwill push for increasing and bettering public spaces, with minimal costs, for dogs and their owners, but always done to keep the rights of others in unison.   Our furry companions deserve better.


Our green spaces are sacrosanct.  I believe in environmentally-friendly evolution to growing green and public spaces.  Our parks and public spaces bring people out and keep our communities happy and vibrant.  One of those great new parks is Corktown Commons in the new Canary District section of our Ward 13.   I am also a big fan of responsibly-placed public spaces such as patios and seating areas that are placed on the street and moved around the city each year.

As your next Councillor – Tim Gordanier, I will push for responsibly improving and adding green and public spaces, in thorough consultation, with the community I will serve in this Ward 13 – Toronto Centre.


There is no question; Affordable housing is a must but I believe that there is an urgent need for a re-brand and education on the benefits and why we need it.  After speaking with a lot of folks, and even politicians, alot didn’t know the difference between social and affordable housing.

Affordable housing, which I would like to see it rebranded as Adaptive Living, is essential and vital for all areas when planned responsibly.  These constituents work hard in essential jobs and just don’t make enough at the end of the day.  I, your next Councillor – Tim Gordanier, will push to help educate Toronto on the value and need for this and rebrand the title to better empower and bond those in Adaptive Living with the communities they share.

The movement for improving this has already begun, and will start to show its merits over the next 3-5 years, and needs to continue to ensure we keep with improving this big issue.


Toronto has quickly become a hub for attracting innovation and tech companies which bring jobs.  While we need to continue attracting these companies, and the sustainable jobs that come with them, we also need to carefully plan where and how they are integrated.

Toronto is at the forefront of the tech and innovation sector and has a bright future.  As your next Councillor – Tim Gordanier, I will push to ensure Toronto remains attractive while also ensuring those big companies also give back to the community.


Progress is important in our city; That is not disputed by many.   However, there needs to be better consultation and transparency when it comes to ensuring that development growth, doesn’t trump quality of lifestyle or take away from the feel of a particular area or the historic value in areas like St. Lawrence Market.

As your next Councillor – Tim Gordanier, Iwill push for better consultation and transparency with each community when a new development is looking to take shape.  Development is pivotal to grow our city but I believe it should always be done transparently and responsibly.


Potholes; Dangerous holes on sidewalks; Street sign issues; We can all agree that there are daily nuisances that we encounter as we walk, cycle or drive around our streets.  Some are big safety concerns.  The problem is, people don’t know who to reach out to about fixing the issues, and those that do, have given up waiting on things to get fixed.

As your next Councillor – Tim Gordanier, Iwill push for developing a reporting system / app that will allow residents to snap a photo of the pothole or issue and tag their location and sends to City Hall where it will be dispatched to a repair team immediately.  This process would save a lot of money and bureaucracy by having a team dedicated daily to fixing most issues reported, near instantaneously.


I believe strongly in making our city safe again.  I believe we need more than just a ban on hand guns to help curb gun violence.  I’m creative and a problem solver and this really needs a multi-faceted approach to properly address this major issue.

First, we need to fix the root of the problem and increase more at-risk youth initiatives like the Underpass Park in Canary/Corktown has successfully accomplished.  We need to do more for our kids who are our future.  We need to replicate this skate park / ball court / creative use of otherwise unusable city property, citywide.   Keeping kids off the streets with these skate parks and more will help kids get the social and exercise into their lives and bring future gun violence down.

Second, we clearly need to hire more police, but bring them in to troubled neighbourhoods as “beat cops” and have them become friends of the community rather than just seen as Police.  They play ball with the kids, help with cleaning up the neighbourhood with neighbours, etc.  This will allow further trust to be established where there is none currently.

Third, I also then see creating volunteer groups within each of those neighbourhoods and match them with the “beat cops” assigned and proper training for quickly relaying information to those Police, on-duty in their neighbourhood, at the time.  The idea I envision would follow the old school mentality of Block Parents watching in shifts around those troubled areas, with signs on lawns in those cleaned-up neighbourhoods which will make areas less desirable for criminal acts while empowering them to take back their streets, so to speak.  Watching out for each other is fundamental and goes a long way.

We need more vigilance on all levels to help curb the violence.  There is no quick and easy fix but a plan with all fronts addressed will help a lot more than the money being spent on other initiatives that have accomplished little and further escalated gun crimes.


Parking has been one of the most mentioned issues with my constituents in Ward 13 – Toronto Centre.  The new Canary District and Corktown (River City complex), to name a few, have faced severe issues with this problem.  Parking needs to be addressed and solutions found.

As your next Councillor – Tim Gordanier, Iwill fight to ensure I explore better options and solutions for parking across our ward.


This is a community in our Ward 13 that needs some special attention this election.  With the rising street safety issues that has rocked the Village and further degraded relationship between the community and the Toronto Police, constituents here want more trust in our police and better understanding between the two.

As your next Councillor – Tim Gordanier, Iwill fight for more street lights, attention on cleaning up increasingly unsafe back alleys, better transparency, and further sensitivity training for our Toronto Police.  Both sides will work better with trust and understanding; Both sides need one another to work towards this.


From St. Lawrence Market / Old Town to Cabbagetown to The Village and elsewhere, we need to do better with preserving heritage buildings responsibly and thoughtfully.  Development doesn’t need to be stalled or stopped; Rather if planning is done better, with this in mind, the fabric of each of our districts can be left intact and grown responsibly.  And integration of historic heritage sites and new modern design can be done properly (and in really cool ways) such as Distillery District, Maple Leaf Gardens, 401 Richmond, The Broadview Hotel and more.  These are all great examples of keeping the historic feel while mixing just perfectly with modern design and growth.

As your next Councillor – Tim Gordanier, Iwill fight to have better understanding for developers on these issues and encourage innovation and creativity from them.  Our city needs to progress but we should always keep memories of where we came from.


I am a firm believer in 2-term limits for Councillors and Mayors as it is important to bring fresh ideas and transparency to council every 8 years.  Incumbents are usually just voted back in, in some cases serving 20-30 years, and this is part of the reason that some things have not been getting done by Toronto Council.  Not discounting anyone’s service, but this public position shouldn’t be a lifetime job.

Some Councillors are even running in wards they don’t live in – simply because they stand a better chance at getting in by being a known incumbent elsewhere, since the wards changed.  How can you run a ward you don’t walk the streets of each day?   This makes no sense while also slowing progress and limiting new and sometimes better ideas from emerging that can help improve the communities within our Ward 13, of which we call home.

It’s time for a fresh voice and new passion;  It’s time for positive change now.  I will push for 2-term limits and commit, here and now, to honour that belief and will only run for up to 2 terms.

I am always open for a conversation on issues you want me to focus on as your Councillor for Ward 13 – Toronto Centre.   You can reach me by text or phone anytime: 416.434.4TIM (4846)

” I am excited and proud to be running as your voice at City Hall for such a dynamic ward.

I am a doer.  I have a passion for creating new ideas and fostering others’ ideas with one common goal; The betterment of our Ward; Our home.  “