IN THE NEWS: Toronto Star Article by Samantha Beattie, October 12, 2018

IN THE NEWS: Regent Park TV Sits Down With Tim Gordanier

Regent Park TV had Tim by for an interview and asked him more on what he would do as Councillor of Ward 13 Toronto Centre.

IN THE NEWS: CBC News Tweets New Video From Accessibility Challenge

CBC News released a follow-up video through social media and Twitter with more great footage from the day Tim Gordanier spent with advocate Emily Daigle.

IN THE NEWS: CBC News Follows Tim Gordanier Around Ward 13 For Accessibility For All

After being challenged by disabilities and accessibility advocate, Emily Daigle, Tim Gordanier accepted and rode a wheelchair around his Ward 13, Toronto Centre for a day.  It was a challenging day and opened his eyes to the everyday challenges those with disabilities and even able-bodied individuals face.

With an ever-aging population, and even parents with strollers, accessibility standards are not high enough in Toronto.  Accessibility For All is one of the main focus points for Tim’s campaign as your next Councillor of Ward 13 Toronto Centre.