Meet Tim.   Tim Gordanier is running for Councillor of our Ward 13 – Toronto Centre.  Tim brings a fresh voice; Creative thinking; Strong Leadership as current President of the River City 2 condomiums in Corktown; Proven business acumen as Founder/Director of two successful businesses, built from the ground-up.


Tim brings fresh air to Council and has called Toronto Centre home for the last 15+ years living at Richmond & Jarvis,  Church & Shuter and followed by The Merchandise Lofts next to Ryerson and Dundas Square for 5 years.  Tim then moved to be one of the opening residents of River City 1 & 2 back in 2013 and saw the area around him transform in Canary District / Corktown for Pan Am Games and into what it is today.


Tim gives of his time to help others and for what he believes in;  Building a better community through social inclusiveness.  Running and being elected as President, twice-over, for the River City 2 complex, Tim also chairs the River City 1 + 2 shared facilities board.  During his tenure, he dealt extensively with government bodies, including Tarion, and learned the invaluable skills it takes to keep a community of 700+ condo unit owners happy and proud of their home.  This position will come to an end in September and Tim is ready for taking the fight, love and passion to Toronto City Hall.


Tim came to Toronto to pursue acting and he also served at several restaurants, to save money and open his own business one day.  In 2006, Tim started that vision and his first Toronto business with the world’s first virtual city and guide, Streets.TO, a full 4 years before Google Streetview would launch their version.  The site allowed you to view restaurants and businesses like never before, with full animation of buildings, which you could then click and enter to view places before you went.


Tim’s next passion and idea saw the opening of Toronto Key To The City, a fresh take on loyalty.   The gold and black Key gets shown at restaurants, spas, nightlife, shops and more while rewarding its bearers with loyalty-love perks and savings to thank Keyholders for doing business locally with each location.  It’s about loyalty returned, instantly.   The concept and really “cool” Key to the city has catapulted the brand into an iconic status locally while seeing it expand to include Vancouver and now Montreal.  You can see more on the Key at


In his spare time, Tim looks forward to walking his black lab, Hurley and taking her on adventures throughout our ward and city.   Tim’s other personal passion is giving and helping guide future young entrepreneurs and people who sometimes just need advice.


Tim is excited to bring forth his love for creating new ideas, fostering others’ ideas and a positive energy and drive that is truly rare.   His ability to adapt to any age range, young to young-at-heart, has helped with the successes he has achieved.  Tim prides himself on putting himself in others’ shoes, working hard, and figuring out time management while collaborating with the right people as the secret to being successful.


Many have told Tim and other fresh candidates that they don’t stand a chance against the likes of incumbents such as Kristyn Wong Tam and Lucy Troisi, so why run?   Tim’s response: “I truly respect some of the positive work Kristyn and other incumbents have done.  But she has had 8 years and it’s time for a new voice with fresh ideas and champion for this city.  I’m ready for this challenge.  I don’t care how big this hill might look, I’m a David and I’m ready to take the challenge with any Golliath.”  


It’s time for a new voice at City Hall to represent you, Ward 13 – Toronto Centre.   Vote Tim if you also think it’s time for a new voice from someone who lives in your ward and gets things done!